A dark day for India – 1 year for Pulwama attack, February 14, 2019, What happened on that Thursday Watch Video?


A dark day for India – 1 year for Pulwama attack, February 14, 2019, What was that on Thursday? Video Details For you

NEW DELHI: A memorial commemorating 40 CR PL warriors martyred in the Pulwama terror attack on February 14, 2019, will be inaugurated today.
CRPF High Director General Zulfiqar Hassan, who visited the memorial site, said that the memorial was built at the Leth Pora camp, with the name and portrait of 40 personnel and the central reserve police force’s motto of service and loyalty.
The Pulwama attack is a tragic event so we have learned the lesson that we should always be careful. He said the memorial was a way to pay tribute to the brave warriors who lost their lives in the attack.
February 14, 2019, What’s That Thursday? Where:: At Avantipore on the Jammu-Srinagar Highway, when ?: February 14, 2019, at 3.15 pm, who ?: How Jaishee Mohammed was the fierce organizer ?: Explosive jeep collided with CRPF vehicle, 350kg: Total number of CRPF vehicles heading to Srinagar 2,500: Total number of CRPF fighters in 78 vehicles: 40 The number of victims of the attack, the soldiers of the 76th Battalion of the Service Division





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