ABVP protest


ABVP protest

Bangalore Bengaluru Capital Davengere Harihara:  ABVP protests demanding buses on

bypass road  Hundreds of students and leaders appealed to the KSRTC depot manager in

the CPI performance to press for a bus route to the rural areas adjacent to Bypass Road by

ABVP leaders in Taluk.

The problem arises from the inauguration of the new bridge traffic and all buses are

passing through this area…        The CPI also urged the depot manager to fulfill this

demand of fair students as soon as possible.

KSRTC Traffic Inspector Satish, Taluk Sanchakumar Kumar Kerr, Mukunda Vidyadhara,

activists Praveen, Siddesh, Raju and Ganesh were present during the protest.

The depot manager, Sandushippa, who arrived at his office on the invitation of CPI

Irappa S. Gurunath, received the request from the students. He assured that your demand

would be met as soon as possible.

If there are 50 to 60 students attending on a regular basis, a special route will be

provided. Therefore, all students should move on time, he advised students to be well

educated and decorate their jobs rather than protesting.


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