After April 20, some relief, what will be what not see details Alcohol will be there or not see Details video


After April 20, some relief, what will be what not see details Alcohol will be there or not see Details video

The Government has decided to provide some relief in the second period of lockdown which has been implemented across the country. The Government, which has issued relief to some sectors since April 20, has issued a guideline on this.

Relaxation of the public after April 20:
Medical emergencies in private vehicles are allowed for traffic.
Only one driver and one rider are allowed in the four-wheeled vehicle.
Only one person on bikes is allowed.

Exemption for public use after April 20th: –
Opportunity for Online Teaching, Coaching, and Training
Permission and rural employment such as irrigation etc. can be worked out but the mask must be compulsory and interdisciplinary.
Permission to operate the Postal Service, Oil & Gas, Waste Management, Water Board, Telecom, Sanitary and Internet services.

Government exempting agriculture service after 20th April: –
Agricultural Products, Machinery Shops, Recruitment Service, Fertilizer & Seed, APMC and Harvesting and Sowing.
Exceptions to fishing, tea and coffee gardening, and animal husbandry.
Financial and Social Services.
All types of financial services, including RBI and RBI jurisdiction, ie Bank, ATM, Financial Transactions, Service to Senior Citizens, and Penans, Insurance and PF services.
Orphanage, Handicapped Ashram, Old Age Home is open.
Freight and essential transport services after April 20-
Freight and essential transport vehicles are limited to the interstate.
Rail, aircraft, vehicles and sea routes are exempt.
Goods vehicles are also exempt.
Exemption of two drivers in the vehicle, vehicles moving to pickups and vehicles carrying loads.
Highway terraces, truck repair shops are open.

Commercial services after April 20: –
Including 50% of employees in visual and print media and IT companies.
Government services, e-commerce services, hotels, homestays can be operated
Also, some volunteers, such as plumbers, are allowed to perform electricians.

Rule to be followed in public places after April 20: –
Mask and spacing, no more than 5 people, no permission from the sheriff for weddings or funeral ceremonies, penalties for, liqueurs, tobaccos sold in public places.

Industrial product after April 20: –
Industrial Estate & Industrial Town, Essential Materials, Food Processing Plant, Coal & Mineral, Brick, Irrigation, Road Works, Fuel
All types of health services must operate.

Medical after April 20:

All healthcare services including government hospitals, private hospitals, medical shops, COVID-19 related health services, Maternity hospitals, labs.

Relief No Hotspots After April 20:

The hot zone areas shall be identified and monitored by the respective Administrative Officers of the Containment Zone. Hot spots of this nature are not applicable after April 20. There will be a complete lockdown. Also, inspectors must leave the barricade and check the post.
Critical Guidelines in the Workplace
Temperature screening in work organizations, use of sanitizers, and maintaining social distance.
Giving one-hour extra respite during the shift and raising awareness of the Health Bridge.
Facilitate working from home for parents over 65 and children of 5 years.
It is mandatory for all organizations to sanitize between shifts, not to add more people.

What service and fields will not be available after April 20th
National and international airlines, passenger trains, buses, metro, taxi, interstate transportation (except for security and medical)

Industrial & Commercial Activities, Lodge, Hotels, Education, Training, Coaching Institutions.

All social, political, religious, recreational areas and stadiums will be closed after April 20th.
At present 385 COVID 19 Cases in Karnataka till date So public people are asking in this scenario does this above relief wanted

The only Medicine for coronavirus is to break Chain does the Chain will break due to This

Patients are discharging from Hospital can see video below Death rate also can be seen

But finally Break Corona Virus chain is the Only Solution


ಅಂತಿಮವಾಗಿ  ಮದ್ಯೆ ಅಂಗಡಿಗಳನ್ನು ಮುಚ್ಚಲಾಗುವುದು


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