All India Lock Down Watch Video till the end till how many days Lockdown see details


All India LockDown Watch Video till the end till how many days Lockdown see details
Modi Ji told Social Distancing what we did if you are true Indian watch video till end break the Chain Modi

From today 12 pm Full India Lockdown till the Chain is broken

this is Janata Curfew or Any Curfew
Lockdown will be for 21 Days

Modi Ji told and  ADREEES TO people we have to break the chain where ever you are there be there

Change in

Incom tax date Consedratation Nirmala Sitaram see details below

Nirmala Sitharaman
Comprehensive announcement
1) Income Tax
A) Financial year 18-19 – Income tax return 30/06/2020
B) delayed payment Interest rate -12% to 9%(F.Y.18-19)
C) TDS – no extension but interest reduce 18% to 9% – till 30/06/2020
D) Notice, Furnishing return, reports Demand and any compliance, including investments, Capital gain – due date extended to 30/06/2020
E) Adhar pan linking – date extended 30/06/2020
F) Vivad se Vishwas – extended 30/06/2020 ( No 10% additional charge)
2) GST
A) March, April and May 2020 returns 3B, GSRT 1 and Composition return – Due date 30/06/2020.
B) Co less than 5cr turnover – No interest no late fees charged.
C) Co more than 5cr – No late fee and penalty only interest – 9% charge
D) Date opting Composition is -30/06/2020
3) Excise – to be announced
4) MCA – to be announced
5) IBC – to be announced
6) Fisheries – to be announced
7) Bank Related – to be announced



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