Ambedkar statue by 350 feet to 450 feet | It has been decided to increase the height Rs 1100 crore


Dr. BR Ambedkar statue by 350 feet to 450 feet | It has been decided to increase the height
450 feet high statue of Dr. Ambedkar in Maharashtra
New Plan has been decided to increase the height of the Ambedkar statue by 350 feet to 100 feet.

MUMBAI MAHARASHTRA:  At the Cabinet meeting, it was agreed to increase the statue’s 100 feet. A 450 feet high statue including a pedestal will be erected at the Ambedkar Memorial near Mumbai’s Chaityabhami. Talking about this, DCM Ajit Pawar said that the statue will be built in the next 2 years. The government has decided to increase the size of the 350-foot-tall Dr. BR Ambedkar statue to be built in Maharashtra. But the government was requested to increase the statue’s further 100 feet. The previous government had said that the statue would be built. But, only the earth worshiped. It is estimated that the construction of the statue will cost Rs 700 crore as previously decided. The decision to increase the height by 100 feet is estimated to cost 300 crores more, with a total reserve of Rs 1100 crore.


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