Anniversary Bunny Closing Program by Youth and Community Unit


The Mundaragi Panchamsali community’s youth and youth unit has organized a 38-year

Bunny Closing Program at Mundaragi Town, Kota Senior Secondary School in Mundaragi

Taluk in Gadag District.
The event was inaugurated by Honorable Shri CC Patil, Minister of State for Mines and Land

Science and Forests and Minister in charge of Gadag & Vijayapur District.

Speaking on the occasion, Honorable Shri CC Patil said that the youth of the Panchamasaali

society should be loyal to self religion, excellence in pro-religion, and the Panchamasaali

society as a model for another society.

There is no doubt about this. Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa made a clear stand on this at a

wildlife council meeting. The Minister of Mines and Geology & Forests, C. Patil said that

ayurvedic saplings will be planted to plant forests in Kappadgudda.

The new sand policy is being implemented in a few days. Farmers will simply have to get

the sand back. Not just the sand removal but the environment should be taken care of. The

forest should be destroyed. More and more plants should be planted.

Leaders of the MLA Ramanna Ramani, Karabasappa Hokinala, Hemagiri Havinala, Mohan

Malashetti, Sripati Udupi, Sivaraj Hiremani, Mudlingappa Korlahalli, Sidhu Desai,

Kumaraswamy, Manjunatha Itagi, Veerashwadagalla, Vishwadu Siddha, Vishwadha Siddha

SV Patilla, Nagaraj Hobbatagatti, Kavitha Ullagaddy, Manjula Itagi, Manjunatha Mudhola

and others were present Fine.

The event was co-chaired by young leaders Devappa Itagi and Nagaraja Muradi.

Report Malikarjun Doodmani


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