why Hindus turn to the right when they get up in the morning


why Hindus turn to the right when they get up in the morning Learn more Hindus

When waking up from sleep we are told to turn to the right side.
On the right we have the sun pulse, which is guaranteed to be active when awake, this process prepares the digestive system and increases the acid in the digestive system so that your body can be ready for your heavy breakfast. These are the methods that come under the Aryan Infantry. And the people who follow these paths are Nam Aryans. A healthy person should get up two hours before sunrise. The factor is strong during these hours. You wake up two hours before dawn and you use the Vata qualities in nature. Vata is light, sensitive and clear and it helps the body tune into the subtle messages nature sends. This is the time when there is more essential in the air and the environment. It is the most fresh and clean time of the day. Some exceptions to this ascending rule are the young, the elderly, the parents with small children, and the sick. Our existence depends on the first field You can find this garbage. But there is a strong scientific reason for it. There are two magnetic fields around our body. One goes from head to feet and vice versa. The other is our friend but he goes from left to right and backs through our backs. Time to wake up: Effectiveness and strength depend on the latter. If we move in the direction of these fields, it will strengthen. Moving against the direction makes the winding loose. Turning to the right when awake is in the direction of the second field. So it reinforces the winding. WATCH VIDEO FOR MORE


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