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    Bangalore WhatsApp is banned is the topic of the day listen careful what it is and share this WhatsApp

    Messenger is a company from Facebook  where we can send messaging and Voice over IP

    (VoIP) service and video calling  owned by Facebook Company

    where you can send text messages and voice messages, make voice video calls and user

    locations, Share images, documents,   and also other media

    WhatsApp’s client application runs on all mobile devices an also it is also accessible from

    desktop computers plus laptops,

    where the internet is essential while they use the desktop app

    users have to provide a cellular mobile number for registering with the service across the


    The important client application had created by WhatsApp of Mountain View, in

    California, which was started by Facebook in February 2014 By February 2018, It has

    become the major means of communication across the globe in multiple countries,

    including and large parts of Europe, Brazil, India, Pakistan including the United Kingdom

    and France. WhatsApp will ban you yes what it is  once you download the app you have

    only limited sending of the message if you are using for commercial daily sending lot of

    messages you will be banned from using their services if you send messages to unknown

    number etc if they report your WhatsApp will be blocked so if you want to send unlimited

    messages and want to send to unknown numbers there is way what it is In January 2018,

    WhatsApp released a standalone business app  called  small business owners, called

    WhatsApp Business, to allow companies to communicate with customers  across the

    globe  yes

    when downloading the application you have to download business WhatsApp in business

    you can send unlimited messages  photos documents, etc

    soin India  be care full don’t blame anyone for banning you from WhatsApp now itself down load

    Business WhatsApp For More Details Watch the Video And Share this website


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