The High Court of Karnataka imposed a total cost of Rs 73 lakh for publishing Fake News report 


High Court imposes ‘fine’ of Rs 73 lakh on Deccan Herald, TV, TV5 and Digvijaya channels

The High Court of Karnataka imposed a total cost of Total ₹73 lakh for publishing Fake News report

The High Court has imposed a fine of Rs 73 lakh on the Kannada media published of False News

Fake news so BTV  Rs. 20 lakh, TV5 Rs. 8 lakh and Digvijaya TV Rs 15 lakh fine for Kannada media published by order by. High Court to pay

The Karnataka State High Court has granted Rs. Has been fined.

The Karnataka State High Court has bribed various media outlets for Rs 73 lakh. Has been fined.

The media house that was hit by the High Court was the English daily Deccan Herald and Kannada television news channels B-TV, TV-5, and Digvijaya Channels.

Total of Rs. 73 Lakhs in addition to. The court said it owed unconditional apologies for publishing and disseminating a false news report.

Here’s what happened:

The High Court of Karnataka on Tuesday imposed a total cost of total ₹73 lakh on an English daily newspaper and three Kannada television news channels to accept their unconditional apology for publishing and telecasting a false news report under the headline “₹9 crores seized in a raid on the judge” on December 16, 2019
The court observed this and proceeded with the proceedings. Because of false news about judges, they were found guilty under the 1971 Contempt of Court Act against these media.
A division bench comprising Chief Justice Abhay Srinivas Oka and Justice Hemant Chandangouder issued the order.

The media organizations have agreed to publish the news without any reports, any source, and no verification. It is alleged that these media outlets have agreed to pay a court-ordered fine for damages to the judiciary due to false news.

The Deccan Herald English newspaper, which published this false report, has accepted an unconditional apology and paid a fine of Rs 30 lakh.

BTV Channel, a non-news channel of Rs. 20 lakh fine, TV5 costs Rs. 8 lakh and Digvijaya TV for Rs. 15 lakh as fine.


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