Why did the slue lake get its name? | Shanti Sagar Lake is another popular name for the sulekere | Why did the Shanti Sagar Lake Earlier name was sulekere get its name


    Why did the slue lake get its name?

    Shanti Sagar Lake is another popular name for the sulekere

    Why did the Shanti Sagar Lake Earlier name was sulekere get its name?

    The second largest lake in Asia do you know it is Situated in which part Karnataka read more?

    The tank is spread over 6,550 acres (2,651 hectares) of water at the Shanti Ocean Sulekare and has a circumference of 30 km (19 mi). It has a total of 81,483 acres (32,975 hectares) of a drainage basin. It irrigates 4,700 acres (1,900 hectares) of land and more than 170 villages have benefited from it. The Shanti Ocean Tank, built-in 1128, has a history of over 800 years, with sewage outlets. It took three years to build a massive tank.

    The Peace Ocean Sulekaretank receives twenty square miles of drainage. All sewers pour into the gorge where it was built (mainstream bearing the name of Haridra, a tributary of Tungabhadra). The embankment is built between two hills, and the embankment is not of great length; It is about 950 feet (290 m), but it is wide in width (maximum 120 ft (37 m), min 70 ft (21 m)), height and strength. The main road connecting Channagiri and Davanagere passes through this embankment. It has successfully resisted centuries of flooding, but due to the high pressure of the volume of water in the tank.

    Also known as Shanti Sagar or Sulekare. The second largest lake in Asia. Situated at a distance of 30 km in the Channagiri taluk of Davanagere, the lake has a history of over 800 years.
    The Siddeshwara Swamy temple is on the banks of this Lake

    Shanti Sagar Lake is the second largest lake in Asia. The lake is located in the Channagiri taluk of Davangere district
    It is located at Sulekere in Davanagere district of Channagiri Taluk, Karnataka, India.

    It has two sewers. To the north, it is called “Siddha” and to the south, it is called “Basava”. Despite the damaged state of the sewers and the great power of the water when escaping through them,
    The place has the second-largest irrigation tank in Asia, surrounded by the Siddheshwar Temple.

    There is a legend that runs through the name of the Shanti Ocean Sulekeresarovar. As such, there is no descendant of King Vikramaraya and the new deity who formerly lived in the area. Thus the king adopted the son of Gowda of Bilahalli and named him Rai as Rai.

    Long after the Peace Ocean Sulekarehi, the godly king became a female offspring. Pleased with this, he named her Calm. Shantevu grew up and found a lake in his state and built a lake.

    Unfortunately, the lake is so vast that it has consumed an enormous amount of life, plunging into the gentleman’s state. The king became angry with his daughter and cursed her like a whore Proatitute Means Sule. The lake was later called the Sule Lake ( Prostitute Lake.)

    The lake has been renamed the Peace Ocean because the lake is not used. Yet many people recognize it by its previous name.

    Haridra River Lake receives over 20 square miles of various water sources, of which Haridra is a tributary of the Tungabhadra River.

    Shanti Sagar is a small hill on the northern side of the River Shanti. The lake is easily accessible from Davangere or Chennagiri.





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