Amulya Leon spending Shivratri at Judicial custody A patriotic lesson at the airport to Mahesh hedge watch video


Amulya Leon spending Shivratri at Judicial custody A patriotic lesson at the airport to Postcard Editor Mahesh Hegde watch Video

Amulya Leon Kavitha Reddy and Najma took A patriotic lesson at the airport to Mahesh hedge to sing
vanda Mataram but Mahesh refuses and was Silent
but these Left _wing Thinker Amulya Leon Shouts Pakistan Zindabad
are these people A real Indian patriotic followers the answer is no
Police have fired her and she will be in Judicial custody for another 15 days

Young Lady left-wing thinker shouted ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ at public Lady Shouted Pakistani Zindabad in Bangalore is this Correct who shouted this see details

Bangalore: An incident where a young left-wing thinker shouted ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ at a public meeting in Bangalore on Thursday evening. Amulya Leona Shouted Pakistan Zindabad Slogan in Bengaluru
Mike was snatched away by forcing a precious who continued to talk. It was at this point that the nuke began to swell. The police intervened and took her into custody. There is a tense atmosphere in the place.
As soon as Hyderabad MP Asaduddin Owaisi arrived on the stage, the young fighter, who was seated on the platform, picked up the mike, and immediately tried to snatch the mic as Pakistan shouted “Zindabad”.The controversy has been sparked by the Hindu-Muslim-Sikh-Isai federation in Bengaluru’s Freedom Park, where the central government opposes the CAA and the NRC by these Lift _wing Thinker Amulya Leona.







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