Obese food Some fatty foods need to be consumed. They play an important role in the health of the body


Obese ingredients Some fatty foods need to be consumed. They play an important role in the health of the body, according to expert doctors. Consumption of high calorie intake gives the body strength. Obesity is one of the most important health problems of this generation. Walking in the morning, pranayama in the evening, Diet without forgetting to eat, Fear of eating outdoors…. Without the freedom to walk around and sway like a slender body, not all obese people are grieving enough. The main cause of obesity is cholesterol, which is called obesity if the body accumulates more fat than necessary. This increases body weight intolerance, which can lead to heart problems and the fear of death. In some people, the problem of cholesterol is inherited, and more people suffer from a food problem. Inherited obesity can be controlled by diet and exercise. It can be cautioned not to increase. But we have the potential to address the obesity problem caused by the diet.
This is not so much the problem of the body as much of the fat but less of a problem
* Mosquito also contains fat. But consuming a little yogurt every day will boost the body.

* While it is true that the consumption of almonds increases body weight, it is also true that it gives strength to the body.

* At least half a tablespoon of fresh ghee is recommended daily. It makes no sense to talk about weight gain. There is no problem with consuming as much as the body needs.
It is not advisable to eat more than any food. Also, there is no sense in saying that a moderate intake of all these ingredients will improve the health of the body and thus increase the weight. Exercise can help the body digest the nutrients it needs and eat it.

* It is also good to use olive oil in foods.

There is also talk of flax seed being obese. But because it has more calories, the body needs it for health.


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