jira Cumin water and cumin decoction fixes blood pressure. Health problems with bile and indigestion


Cumin medicine
Cumin water and cumin decoction fixes blood pressure. Heals problems with bile and indigestion.
Here’s information on making the drug with more ingredients:

Put half a tablespoon of cumin in one liter of water and boil well. Regular drinking purifies the blood. Eating for 15 to 20 days reduces skin disease. Half a tablespoon of cumin water, half a tablespoon of cinnamon, brewed milk, a decoction, and a drink will improve health.
Add a spoonful of roasted cumin and a tablespoon of roasted cumin to the ground. Drinking water regularly will reduce arthritis.
Soak a tablespoon of cumin and fenugreek overnight. In the morning add a handful of fennel and coconut milk to the mix and make a finely sliced ​​pasta. Washing this paste over the head and bathing after a while will reduce hair loss. Hair comes in shine. Dandruff disappears.
Stomach washing and vomiting if lemonade is mixed three times a day.
Prepare the soaked fenugreek seeds, cumin, salt and sweet chutney and serve with chapati. Breast milk increases in one week after drinking milk.
Roasting cumin and coriander seeds and adding sugar and water will help to quench thirst.
Increasing the digestive power cumin also drives acidity. Breastfeeding, if consumed by breast milk. The baby will not even have a stomach ache. Abdominal problems can be described as cumin.
Dissolve ginger and sliced ​​cumin in a glass of water and mix it with sauce, lemon juice and honey. Add the chilli powder, if desired. Eat. This can alleviate summer problems.
Eating cumin in the mouth and eating it well will reduce tooth pain.
Drinking cumin powder with buttermilk and a little salt will improve digestion.
Milk and honey are added daily to the cumin decoction to increase breast milk.
Buttermilk is mixed with cumin powder and salt.

Finely powder the cumin seeds and mix it with the coconut nut milk and bathe it with nail hot water after half an hour.
If you are diarrhea, diarrhea can be alleviated by eating roasted rice-bran cumin powder and sugar or salt.

Dissolve two tablespoons of roasted cumin in a large bowl of water, reduce it to half a cup and add salt to it.
In case of abdominal pain and vomiting, one tablespoon of cumin and one tablespoon of cardamom powder should be boiled in half a cup of water. Sugar after cooling


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