at Bigg Boss house what they were doing inside see details


Chandan proceeds to ring Nivedita on the Dasara stage. But what happened see below

Kannada celebrity rapper star Chandan Shetty got even more fame from  the show Bigg

Boss house where Kicha sudeep is the anchor  Previously they were in Love  inside big boss show and it has exposed at yuva Dasara ..

When big boss Nivedita Gowda and Chandan Shetty were both in the said

Have you witnessed our love in person ? We are soon married. Chandan asked us to bless

him. Speaking afterwards,  big boss Nivedita Gowda shocked me. He posed for the cameras

with the ring at Mysore on stage , not knowing what to say about this .

However, Chandan Shetty has proposed to Nivedita on the same stage after the beautiful

song. There was  Dad Mum of Nivedita Gowda as audience to watch ,

so  is it the right time, Nivedita asked me a ring called wedding ring

so Nivedita and me both agreed to it and finally the ring was at her finger.

It was even showed to all the public and to the

cameras Live.

But finally  now everything is open. Yes, Dasara Prakriththa Youth Dasara program is going

on in historical place Mysore.

This is done for the entertainment of young minds finaial concussion . This event is called

Sandalwood Bollywood singers stage, all celebrities.

Similarly along with all Chandan Shetty was also called

But the public, seeing all this, is this a private program at Mysore ? To do so when they

come on . This is the yava festival of Dasara. He was right that the rules should be

Mysore District In-charge Minister V  Sommanna Was very angry about this But i will take

Legal Action on this he told But Mysore Member of parliment Pratap simaha says what both

have proposed is not a sin or crime

But Mysore Member of parliament Pratap simha

Chandan proceeds to ring Nivedita on the Dussehra stage


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