Attack on Asha workers | Asha Workers who went for Health Report of Corona Virus


Attack on Asha workers | Asha Workers who went for Health Report of Corona Virus

At a time when all-out efforts are being made to stop the corona Virus

from spreading, city residents here allegedly attacked  health team that had gone for a coronavirus survey in Bangalore

Is this india or Taliban The incident took place after an Accredited Social Health (ASHA) worker of the member team – were attacked

These are the trained female community health activists — called Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHA) — under the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) of the Indian government.

In a country where quality healthcare remains a privilege of the rich and influential, a silent army of women, clad in pink sarees, work tirelessly and selflessly to make basic healthcare facilities accessible to those who live on the margins of the growing Indian economy, particularly in the country’s vast rural hinterland.

At Saddik Nagar and Yelankha

Asha Workers who went to ask about the Health Checkup at SaddiK Nagar Bangalore

At Masjid it was Announced that any information Should be Give to Asha Workers or Any Government Officials
At Masjid they were announcing no Detail should be asked we dont give any information
these People Took their Mobile Bag of Asha workers
Asha Workers have called the Police but Police Dis not support these Asha Workers

Muslim attack on Asha activists Hundreds of Muslims assaulted over Asha activists

Maulvi orders Muslims not to cooperate with Survey … Maulvi tells In Mike to attack Asha Workers and send them back

All people true inner heart is coming out what will be future of India All people’s colors are out of coronavirus

Police Department should Take Necessary Action and Arrest this People who Attacked on Asha Workers


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