Best Side Dishes You Must Eat When are in Bangalore (Bengaluru)


Majjiga Buttermilk || Buttermilk Mirchi || Bangalore Karnataka Side Dish || Butter

Home Made Spicy Butter Milk Chillies Recipe  Every Year During Summer season as it requires Very Hot Temperature to dry well Before Boiling it.

The hot Favorite side dish of Bangalore Mysore Mangalore Dharwad Karnataka South Indians including Buttermilk Chilli

Though it is easily available in most of the stores these days, nothing can beat the homemade dish. Worth to put effort to get a delicious taste.

Green Chillies are the main constituent of Karnataka Meals. Chilies are served with Rotti. Green Chillies are used to Spice up the Curries in Karnataka and  South India

We Usually prepares a bunch of Buttermilk Chilli we learned to prepare Buttermilk Chilli from Sachi tv, which is one of Karnataka Bangalore favorite side dish for lunch and dinner. Buttermilk Chilli Provides a delicious taste with Rasam, Vegetable Huli, and Majjige Huli. Especially Buttermilk Chilli can also be used as tampering for curd rice as it gives very nice salt spicy sour flavor.

Basically, Fresh Green Chillies are Soaked in the mixture of Methi Powder, Rock salt and Sour Buttermilk and Sun-Dried for 3 days till Crisp. Usually, it is prepared in bulk During the Summer Season and Sun Dry in an Open Space like Terrace where the Temperature is Maximum. Day to day the color of the chilies turns to very nice pale greyish beige and obtain a shrunken dried look. Buttermilk Chilli is stored in Air Tight Containers. They are called in Different names in Different language, In Kannada Its Called Balaka MenasinaKai/ Uppina Menasinakai/ Majjige Menasinakai, in English, it is called as Buttermilk Chilly,

Before starting a few important things that need to be considered to prepare Buttermilk Chilli it is a simple process but it requires little patience as the preparation process continues to 3 days.
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