Bomb blast case at Hubli City railway station


who is responsible for this bomb blast see below  video news for fact and figure

Bomb blast case at Hubli railway station

It is suspected that there is a link between the bomb blasts at the Hubli railway station and the Maharashtra elections.

The explosion at the Hubli railway station a man who was Running a tea Stall and Selling Beriyani his hand-cut was of he is an innocent person

The box came up in  Khanapur legislator Anjali Nimbalkar’s name. inside the box, there was a bomb that exploded on the platform of the Hubli City railway station,  After that it was said that it was Khannaur, not the Kolhapur MLA name .

This explosion occurred due to when the unidentified box was opened. The poor victim was taken to Kim’s Hospital and the Treatment is going on

Watch Video for full and More Details


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