Bomb found at Mangalore airport Anxiety in place


Suspicious object found at Mangalore airport. According to the CISF source, it is the  bomb

The information has emerged that a suspicious bag was found in Mangalore International Airport. An atmosphere of anxiety is building in the area and senior police officers have been attacked.
Suspected bag found at Mangalore airport Bomb inactive bombardment to the spot

The man who saw the bag was immediately brought to the notice of the airport staff. Immediately after the inspection by security officials, the bomb had landed at the airport.

The bag is kept in a safe place as a precaution. Though there is an alleged bomb in the bag, police have not yet officially confirmed it.

A team of Bajpe police and senior police officers have come to inspect the site. Extensive security has been carried out at the airport and checks have been carried out around the station.

Mangalore: A suspicious bag was found at Mangalore International Airport, sources said. The bag was found on the airport premises causing concern.

A bag was found in the airport premises around 10 am on Monday. A man in an auto rickshaw is suspected of throwing a bag.


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