Candidates Wanted Age 18 to 35 Food and Accommodation Free


Candidates Wanted Age 18 to 35 Food and Accommodation Free

Female Candidates Needed To Work In Bangalore Ashram Age 18 to 35 Accommodation & Meal Free

Jobs available Immediately
Direct Recruitment
The job vacancy for candidates in Bangalore
If Female Candidates need a job at the Ashram in Bangalore
There are vacancies in Bangalore for urban and rural Female Candidates

Candidates are recruited directly to the Ashram with free Food and Accommodation in Bangalore for Female who want in need of jobs
Salaries range from Rs 10,000 to Rs 25000 per month
Salary will increase after the first 3 months of work experience

Qualification for Ashram Jobs
: 5th standard
7th Class
SSLC Pass / fail
PUC Pass / fail or Pass
Female Candidates have a Golden opportunity
Age group: 18 to 38 year old Female Candidates can Join ,
First Come first Joining will happen preference for first come first serve
Only for Female Candidates who wish to stay in Bangalore and in Ashram with Food and accommodations for urban / rural Female Candidates

Contact us for more information Call immediately at 9731568780


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