cash looted from bank


Cash theft from the bank Money Money Money person working in a bakery when doing

Cake he little may taste the cake

A Person Working at Hotel Goes to the kitchen and eats food

food home delivery boys have eaten food delivery items

But here a person has eaten Money itself not in Rupees or Lakh it is 1000 crores INR He

has destroyed Indian economy these people takes Indian Money and keep it in Swiss Bank

called Black Money Indian Soldiers Are at the Border and Protect us and our Lives but here

is a person who has eaten money there are many people like this Poor people are starving

for a day MealBut this person eats Money itself Reserve bank of India is an organization

The Reserve Bank of India is only India’s central banking institution,

which controls all the issuance and also holds in the Indian currency called rupee.

it also involved in the control of monetary  India policy

The Reserve bank of India has a very important part of the Development Strategy of the

Government of India.

RBI has general superintendence and direction of the RBI which is entrusted with central

board of directors: the governor

four deputy governors; two finance ministry representatives such a secure Agency crore

Rupees Cash Stolen from the reserve bank of India

person Working in RBI currency printing unit was stealing cash daily in his shoes.

He was caught red-handed by CISF shift personnel.

₹10000 crores were recovered from his home this is not one many more thieves are there

inside the Indian government should take action or Indians will be in loss

Watch the video and share to all Indians only


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