Center for Hindu and Muslim Empowerment


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Center for Hindu-Muslim Empowerment

The center of Hindu-Muslim sentiment, which has existed since ancient times, is now the center of peace harmony. The Shri Hazrat Syed Saadat Dargah and the Temple of Bhutaraya Sri Chowdeshwari are located here.
Every day thousands of devotees visit this shrine without any distinction and perform rituals of worship to the deity for their wishes.

On one side are the Chowdeshwari and Bhootaraya Swami. On the other side is the Hazrat Syed Sadat Dargah. There are many types of gurus in this temple. Here is a troublesome example for the unlucky, the financially troubled, and many others.
It is believed that those who have problems with magic, come here and pray to God and put a nail, trident or key to the tree here, whatever the tough problem.
Some people believe that their sacrifices such as sheep, poultry, and cooking in the jungles near the alley make their way to this place.

Bytes Mujawar Syed Afsar Pasha spoke Mujawar Syed Afsar Pasha, who is serving here with us, said, “All the devotees of the community who come here, come here and worship without any discrimination.” Devotees come to this holy place to worship and spread the word. If they do, their works will fall into disrepair.

Devaraj Bhandari Tirthahalli with Saatchi TV

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