Christian Missionary Insulting Hindu religion badly and force full conversion | video viral


Kota policemen and Hindu organizations Raid to break the mission of force conversion Christian missionaries team in Kota
Udupi: Kota police have come across 6 Christian missionaries who were trying to force conversion at a local home in Manikallu Nailadi in the Udupi district.

Forced force Acting as soon as the news of his conversion to convert the news than the quota to move on to the police to the spot as soon as the lure is exposed to forced conversion to convert Hindus to Christianity a group of six people=were arrested. A local resident accused the Christian missionaries of helping local forced conversion missionaries. The police seized a car and pamphlets during the raid, and the case is under investigation.
Hindus, Hindu organizations and policemen were at the spot

these kinds of forcefully conversion is banned so Christian missionaries out should go out of India completely an Hindhu activist Told


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