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COVID 19 Biological weapon? Two videos below waiting for you

Who killed China before dreaming of becoming the world’s number one ??

This is a very interesting thing.

China was the most powerful country in the Asian continent. There were no countries in Asia that could face China. But when history was made, the BJP, which won a landslide victory in the 2014 Indian elections in its entirety, was a monkey-eaten monkey. China, knowing that Narendra Modi has no weekdays, was left with a small clash across China when Modi talked about leaving the war and letting go of his hand.

Donald Trump, who came to power after Barack Obama, had left China to take a dip. As the state of China deteriorates, the Chinese show off their fox intelligence.

On the one hand, Modi on the other, Trump on the other, Putin on the other, Shinzo Abe on the other, the leaders of the world have put China together.

The rest of the way to China.

No need to bow down before the world.

COVID19 was born then.

As born in the Wuhan market. Except Wuhan, which part of China is covered by China?

The hospital of a thousand beds in a week is a master plan to pre-empt and prove to the world that he is a terrorist.

Wuhan is a tourist spot. People from all over the world come here. The calculation that the corners of the world will be joined if the corona flows in Wuhan is 100% working.

Shutting down the world behind it, the stock market is jettisoned and the money it has accumulated has been downgraded to stocks in a different country. This plan also sucks.

Countries such as Italy, Spain and Australia have already fallen victim to this strategy.

Making great money from medical equipment.

Realizing that the US is out of the war, China has pursued a biological war. With the US presidential election coming up in November, Trump is pushing for a referendum, and the US is shaking.

But China is not the only country in China. WHO has asked the world leadership to curb Koruna by the time China has reached 90 per cent success rate. Modi, who heads the world leaders at the G20 Shrine Sabe Conference, has been unable to swallow China.

India has found the Corona Testing Kit. India, which has a population of 137 million, is deadly to China, which is thought to be dead.

India is now under strong leadership. And the world knows China’s cunning. #China pay for it is trending on Twitter.

Bye-bye to World China’s goods, but China’s doomed.

No one can kill to defeat the truth. The tomb of those who went to build a sauda over the corpse of the people.
I think China wins this cold war.

The reason

Some examples provide evidence that COVID 19 is a biological weapon.

At one point, the trade between the US and China was not a lie. China, which has a large share in global exports, has become aware of the fact that its own goods remain in place.

GDP fell from 6.6 in 2018 to 5.9 in 2019. China has shown its communist wit that the world should kneel before it if this continues. Believe it or not, it’s all part of China’s cunning.

China must first become a strong nation. All the countries of the world want to kneel before her. That is why it has established its own empire in every market in the world and duplicates their products if they are powerful.

China must suffer …..

COVID-19 positive Chinese woman caught on camera spitting on bananas at a suburban supermarket

NSW, Australia. COVID-19 positive Chinese woman caught on camera spitting on bananas at a suburban supermarket. Is this an isolated incident or are Chinese Nationals and Communist Party loyalists being paid and instructed to do this by their government?

US Lawyer Files $20 Trillion Suit Against China For Coronavirus

Conservative lawyer Larry Klayman filed a class action suit again China. He claimed that the Chinese government developed coronavirus as a biological weapon. Experts shot down this conspiracy theory multiple times and study reveals coronavirus originated from animals.





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