Desi cow Malnad gidda Malenadu falls into the small-breed wacth cow Video


Desi cow Malnad gidda Malenadu falls into the small-breed worker section. Despite being small in size, the gallows are highly immune-compromised, feeding less and eating more nutritious milk. Most of the day (from dawn to dusk) in the hill country, they eat leaves, grass, and shoots. It is often mentioned in many Ayurvedic texts that many herbs in the highlands and coastal areas have high medicinal properties. Milk, urine and goma are all medicinal.

Gulls and burials can be found in many parts of the Desi cow Malnad gidda Malnadu coastal belt, up to the modern-day. As modern education/thinking has increased, the number of breeds of these breeds has often been reduced. The Desi cow Malnad gidda Malnadu short-lived breed, which has been an integral part of the coastal and upland habitat for over ten years, is yet to be included in the list of wheat by the Government of India.

Though the gompa has a milder temperament than the
Desi cow Malnad gidda Malnadu mini-breeds, the North Indian breed has the same acute qualities, but the medicinal properties of both are the same. Highland breeds but this breed demand greater freedom. Because of its small size and powerful legs, it is easy to fly over a six-foot-high fence barrier. Coastal breeds People who have bred these breeds for many years say that there are instances where some of the breeds of this breed have calved every year (ie, usually 5-5 calves). A small example of this ability is the highlander breed, which grazes on hilltops even though they are full during pregnancy. There have been many instances where the calf even took a calf and walked to the home where the calf was raised. Desi cow Malnad gidda Malnadu breeding is thus a crown prone in Indian breeds, in spite of its qualities, medicinal properties, and uses.



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