Devar Hippargi taluk town panchayat ward Number 12 public people are in deep trouble


Davarhippege taluk town panchayat under ward Number 12 public PEOPLE are in deep trouble vijayapura district Davarhippege taluk town panchayath is very bad shape in ward number 12 at this Gollara Lane people are asking is there any elected Members
here a person is menber but some other person is in charge
But work development is not happening at Davarhippege taluck toun panchayathi under ward Number 12
As we asked officer LD mulla he told like this what will happen if Media do news we will see what media can do
Here Public are complaining no one is ready to ask us under Indian Constucieancy are we, not Indians we don’t have proper road we don’t even have Toilet is this the government officials are doing

we even don’t have house or shelter
Please disqualified elected members of Davarhippege taluk town panchayath under ward Number 12 immediately Suspend the Main officer in charge MD MULLA


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