deviramma temple hill top mallenahalli karnataka chikmagalur


deviramma Betta temple hill top mallenahalli karnataka chikmagalur

The Bindiga Deviramma temple near Mallenahalli Chikmagalur Taluk

Deviramma Betta is a hill temple in Chikmagalur

The Bindiga Deviramma Deepautasava near Mallenahalli in Chikkamagaluru Taluk is one of

the special events of the day of Diwali. There are many rituals, traditions, beliefs, etc. in

the Malanda area of Chikkamagaluru district during the Diwali festival. One of these is a

special pooja held on Diwali at Deviramma hill near Mallenahalli. Devotees throng from

midnight to climb this year-long hill. Climbing up the steep slopes, climbing the hilltop is an

exciting experience. Regardless of rain, chill, and wind, people enjoy the darshan of the

deity. Deviramma Betta is a hill temple in Chikmagalur it opens only for one day in the

whole year, that is on Naraka Chaturdashi of Deepavali, thousands of people trek in

Chikmagalur Lakhs of people Gathers on that Day. Deviramma is an incarnation of

Chamundeshwari of Mysore Also there are stories of saying Chamundeshwari came to rest

herself on the hilltop after destroying the demons (Madhu Kaitabha) Rakshasas. The

Deviramma Temple is located at the bottom of the hill and the festival idol is placed on the

hill every Diwali day. Devotees who arrive here take part in the Devi Puja and descend.

Descending a hill is an adventure. Thousands of devotees visit the corners of the state

today, regardless of fatigue and tiredness. It feels like these visual ants are tearing up in a

row. A special bus system is also provided by the district center. After worshiping in the

morning, they light the night lamp. Lighting is a common practice in lighting houses. It is

also said that the Mysore kings obeyed it. It is also believed that the festival opens at the

Deviramma temple by the temple itself. The Deviramma Annual Festival opens with the last

day of Kendarthanam.

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