Diwali festival all prices went up


Diwali festival prices went up

Diwali festival prices went up of  Flowers and fruits at  Gulbarga and all Karnataka Market supermarket

Buying flowers and fruit at the Kalaburgi and all Karnataka Supermarket was a hot affair in

the hot weather of the Diwali festival.

At the Supermarket of Kalaburagi city, people have been shopping for bouquets, especially

for boutiques, Lakshmi and other festivals of Diwali. In the wake of the festival, the price of

everything has gone up and

people are buying it. Sitting by the side of the road, the policeman comes and tells them

to go elsewhere.

In this case, business owner Chennappa said the sugarcane prices are close to Rs. 30 to

50 Rs.

said sugarcane and banana rate have gone Heigh 20 to 40  because there is no rain.

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