DK Shivakumar commits no financial crime will fight the legal battle and get out of the case


DKC has been taken into custody by ED officials for alleged money laundering.
Avery was arrested Tuesday night for four days. He was produced before ED Special Court on Wednesday and remanded for 9 days.
Troubleshooter, the cliff of Kanakapura is the arrest of DK Sivakumar. The former minister, who owns hundreds of crores, now spends between four walls.
The ED officials of DK Sivakumar’s security had shifted to Taghalak Road police station. For the next 9 days, DK needs to spend the night at Taghalak Road Police Station.
This has caused Dikshi, the owner of hundreds of crores, to suffer. DK Shivakumar is still in jail for 9 days It is said that DK did not sleep the whole night on Wednesday.
DK Shivakumar commits no financial crime ” we will fight the legal battle and get out of the case. Ugrappa said

Dkeshi has not made a property edit today. He has his legacy from the past. The cases against Yeddyurappa and Amit Shah are closing after the Modi government came to power. But cases are increasingly being made on Congress leaders. The BJP is the only true Harishchandra, and the rest is bad. He said the Congress was with Dkeshi.
Koppal: Former minister DK Shivakumar has not committed any financial crime. Former MP VS Ugrappa said that without reason putting pressure on him. Speaking to reporters in Munirabad, he said BJP leaders had previously come to our party or pressured them not to leave. But Dkeshi doesn’t bother with this. Thus, the BJP is taking political revenge on them.

DK Shivakumar is being abused by the Directorate of Political Misconduct. If Sivakumar has committed a wrong, then take legal action. But this move by political hatred is not right. The law will be fought against.
-Siddaramaiah, Former CM

No one is bigger than the law. Whoever does wrong must be punished. If DK Shivakumar does wrong, they too will be punished. It’s not okay to mix politics with this issue. BJP did not oppose it when Janardhan Reddy was arrested.
—Ct. Ravi, Minister of Tourism

After issuing an ED notice to Dikeshi, he went to court. Do Congressmen accept the fact that central and state governments have influence over the court? If ED was wrong, the court would rebuke. However, the court’s refusal to grant an injunction appears to have made Dikshi wrong.
– KS Eshwarappa, Minister


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