Famous Mysore Dasara festival has assaulted on the Jain community mind badly


Mysore Dasara festival has assaulted on the Jain community mind badly

Why famous Mysore Dasara organizers

Have taken this bad decision on Jain community

about this Government have to take

seriously about this

Shame on and mislead Adikavi Pampa’s Tablo resentment to the Jain community

The Mysore Dasara Festival, which unveils the cultural heritage of the country, has created

a false image of Adikavi Pampa and caused a lot of resentment to the Jain community.

Recently, the Mysore Dussehra Festival of 2019 was produced by the various district by

Tablo Statue administration.

In this instance, the Dharwad district administration has produced a picture of Adhikavi

Pampa, the Amriteshwara temple of Annigiriya.

Pampa belongs to a  Jain community

But they had Put the rudraksha on the forehead and Vibuthi to the hand on the neck forehead, and

misrepresent the entire costume of Adikavi Pampa.

They have raised the wrong message to the public

Therefore, the officials of Dharwad District Panchayat have taken the Wrong Decision on

duty that too on government on duty. Such officials should be immediately prosecuted

Otherwise, there will be statewide protests in the coming days

Maruti Mallada, President of Karnataka State Jain Maha Sangha and Founder President of

Karnataka State Youth Seva , Gadag District Secretaries of Indian Jain Milan Mahavira

Ambanavar.Anand Lakshmi Gudi, President of Karnataka State Bhovi Youth Forum Gadag

District., karnataka Rakshana Vedika Swabamani bana Gadag Distict Muthu Chaudavanavar

Karnataka State Yuva jana seva Gadag Shar President Mahaboob K Navalgundha. they

Appealed Regarding this  to Minister through Gadag District Collector and also appealed to

Dharwad District Collector

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