festival Dasara is celebrated across karnataka


Nadu festival Dasara has now made its home across the district, including Kalaburagi city.

The city of Kalaburgi has now become a dwelling place in the district. In the wake of

weapon worship, busy work has begun everywhere. People who are over-the-top in the

city’s markets and are buying into the worship service

YO: – Yes the whole day’s purchase at the supermarket was loud. The price of berries,

sugarcane, jasmine, rosemary, rose petals, bouquets, etc. has increased slightly. Similarly

apple, pomegranate, banana, tango, seethalafa, mozambi, papaya and cotton fruits are on


It is the traditional ritual of Dasarai to greet you as we share gold and live like gold. For

this, it is customary to give the bunny tree leaves and see it in gold form. As such, there

has been a demand for bunny tree leaves. Some peasant women were sitting at the

entrance of a supermarket and selling leaf. The bunny leaf, which nobody wanted

throughout the year, is also valued today. watch  video and share Pl




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