First largest banyan tree in Karnataka | see where it is | Video


This Huge banyan tree in Bangalore is the 1st  largest banyan tree in Karnataka! see where it is

the large banyan tree in Bangalore is spacious and is a major attraction for tourists. The tree is home to a lot of monkeys, with hundreds of hanging roots and roots.

You see the banyan tree, you know how big the banyan tree is usually. But we have a banyan tree in Bengaluru that is bigger than all the banyan trees.
400 years of history

Have you ever seen a banyan tree? But the banyan tree we are going to show you today is not a banyan tree. It is a special banyan tree with a height of about 2 feet and a 2-year history. Located in Ketohalli, south of Bangalore, this banyan tree is also known as the Big Banyan Tree or Big Banyan Tree. It is also a tourist attraction in Bangalore.

4th Banyan Tree

This banyan tree is the fourth largest among the ancient banyan trees of India. The first three giant banyan trees are located in Mehboob Nagar in Andhra Pradesh, Kolkata, and West Bengal in Chennai and Tamil Nadu respectively. There is also an ancient Munishwarar temple. Spread over an area of 3 acres, this banyan tree is home to a large number of monkeys. Visitors should be very careful about their bag cameras.

Stone benches
The Karnataka State Horticulture Department is responsible for the conservation of this large banyan tree. An iron grill has been put into the surrounding area of the banyan tree. The Department of Tourism has declared the big banyan tree as a heritage tree and has made the site a tourist destination. Around the tree are stone benches for tourists to sit on.
How to reach

This tree is located on the Bangalore-Mysore road, 28 km from Bangalore. From Majestic to Kengeri by bus, then from Kengeri to the big banyan tree. K. R. There are direct buses from the market to the big banyan tree. It stops right next to the tree.

According to the story

The banyan tree was planted as a particle of grain, as was the grain of the present banyan tree. When the owner of the land heard about this, he was surprised to see that it was the glory of God. Lord Muneshwara, who had come to his owner in a dream, told him about the banyan tree and said that he would reside in the place. From then on, as God had commanded, Muneshwara worshiped the stone of God and preserved it without touching the tree. The same tree today grows sparsely and is known worldwide as a large banyan tree.

The crows do not fly near this temple where there is a growing Nandi!
Ideal for staying in the evening

The banyan tree you see now was still large, many years ago, but something fell into place with the natural disease. So the tree now looks like many different trees. Overall this is the perfect place to spend the evening in a calm setting. Sitting on the stone benches, chatting and enjoying the misery of the monkeys.



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