The Indian Air Force embarked on a bold rescue mission Monday afternoon after four men were arrested in an overflowing river in Jammu and Kashmir. The men were rescued near a bridge under construction on the Tawi River that crosses the Jammu.

Two of the rescued men sought refuge on a pier attached to one of the pillars of a bridge under construction. Dramatic images of the river showed men swimming in the river and climbing to the dock to protect themselves from the river.

The men will be in the river to fish. However, a sudden increase in river flow due to heavy rains left people stuck in the river.

An Indian Air Force helicopter was deployed immediately to save the men. The IAF helicopter tried to rescue the men, but could not.

Two of the four men were able to swim on the riverbank and reach safety. The other two men, however, could not reach the shore and headed for a pier connected to one of the pillars of the bridge built on the Tawi River.



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