Gandhijis life value and truth love and non violence are still present today


Bangalore capital city Athani Report

Gandhiji’s life value and truth, love, and non-violence are still present today

Kannada professor Dr. Ramanna S. Valiyangappa Ghola said that Mahatma Gandhi’s life values ​​and ideals such as truth, love, and non-violence are still relevant and everyone should embrace these values ​​in life.

He was the chief guest at the birthday celebrations of Mahatma Gandhiji and Lal Bahadur Shastri at the National Service Planning Unit and the NCC compound at the SSMS College, Athani.

Mahatma Gandhi was not a person of power but he was a patriotic Gandhi, a naturopathic experimenter, a vegetarian experimenter, a promoter of the Naidalim education system, an exceptional agile politician, a lifelong practitioner of truth and non-violence. Real action; The life of Mahatma Gandhi, who is so versatile, is exemplary for us today.

Mahatma Gandhi participated as the President of the 3rd All India Congress Session of Belgaum. The Tax Refusal Movement He has Called The Tax Refusal Movement has taken place in the village of Kottalagi in our Athani Taluk. His message in the Taluk has led to many Independence War struggles, and the event is now a memorable one for the young generation of today. He said that Gandhiji just walked in and delivered the ideal path.

Other guests included Dr. Speaking on the occasion, Mahananda Gondi said that the simple outfit of Lal Bahadur Shastri is exemplary for today’s generation.

The Principal who presided over the speech, Dr. R Efcha Inchala, said that such great motives in our country should be forever remembered in our hearts. Jayanti celebrated the success of such messages of Mahatma.

NSS planners, Dr. YS Honnungara, welcomed all the arrivals and made the introductory remarks of Gandhiji and Lal Bahadur Shastri’s birthday party.

The NSS students of the college participated in the cleanup program and followed Gandhiji’s ideal

College lecturers were also present at the event


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