How to apply for a Birth Certificate in Karnataka


How to apply for a Birth Certificate in Karnataka

Birth Certificate in Karnataka Civil Registration of Major Events such as Birth, Death, Marriage, Witchcraft and Fetal Death is a continuous, permanent and compulsory record of the occurrence and characteristics of major events. Birth certificates are permanent records

The Birth and Death Registration Act 1969 made the birth registration mandatory in the country. These certificates are a testament to the legal existence of an individual and a source of population data.

Birth Certificate in Karnataka

Considering the changing scenario, the Karnataka government in 1999 introduced separate legislation for compulsory birth registration. Details can be found here

Why apply for a birth certificate in Karnataka?
Legal Purpose – By registering a birth one can obtain legal proof of birth.
Administrative purpose – It helps maintain the legal registration of births in a given area.
Statistical Purpose – It provides demographic data to support socio-economic planning, population control, and other health programs.
Uses of Birth Certificate in Karnataka
The birth certificate is the baby’s first identity
This confirms the age of the person
Provides age proof for school admission, driving license, passport, voting rights, protection and protection of juveniles
Apply for Birth Certificate in Karnataka – Important points to remember
One must report the birth within 21 days of the event.
Application forms can be obtained from the birth register for free.
The child can be registered without entering a name and it can be added later.
Access corrections can be made in the register.
Any person can be fined/fined for unreported/unregistered and negligent.
The concerned authority must ensure that all births in the area covered by their jurisdiction are registered. S / he must ensure the issuance of birth certificates.
Birth – Whom should you specify
These people mentioned below are authorized under the Act to inform/inform births through the venue of the event.

Birth Certificate Home – Midwife / ANM, Asha and Anganwadi workers in Karnataka
Institution – Hospital, Health Facility, Nursing Home, etc. – Medical Officer-in-Charge or MO I / C, Jailor-in-Charge, Person-In-Charge Person
Chief Administrative Officer in Prison, Hotel, Dharamshala, Poultry, Hostel etc.
Public space (any newborn or dead body deserted) – Officer in charge of the local police station (in other areas)
Events of a moving vehicle / Person-in-charge of a moving vehicle
Plantation- Area Superintendent
How to register the birth of an adopted child in Karnataka?
Recent trends in adoption and surrogacy. In Karnataka, birth registration is mandatory under both.

In the case of the adopted child, registration should be accompanied by a birth report for the adopted child. If the date and place of birth are unknown, the chief medical officer will issue the birth certificate and the order issued by the magistrate in that regard.

Birth Certificate in Karnataka In the case of registration of births of children born through a syndicate, the birth certificate must be in the name of the hereditary parent.

Birth Registration in Karnataka – Hospitals are registration centers
In the case of corporate delivery, information about birth is communicated to the concerned registrar for registration to the officer in charge. Some state governments have declared some hospitals as registration centers. In the case of institutional delivery, hospitals provide timely registration and certification to the mother of a newborn before being discharged from a medical institution.

Other hospitals offer this form and parents are required to collect birth certificates from local governing bodies. If the parents collect after 6 to 7 months it will not attract any late fees.

If a person is a resident of Mysore and is born in Bangalore, the event must be registered in Bangalore.

Birth Certificate in Karnataka The following are separate forms available for registration

Registration of birth of adopted children
Birth registration of children born through surrogacy / ART /
When births occur abroad
If the child’s parents return to India with the intention of settling, they must register their child’s birth within 60 days after the child arrives in Karnataka.

Birth Certificate in Karnataka Details required at the time of birth registration in Karnataka
Child column, this column should be left blank if the child is not named.
Father’s name
Mother’s name
Parent’s address at the birth of a child The place of birth
Parent’s Permanent Address
Name of the informant address
The remaining details will be filled out by the Registrar
Applying for Birth Certificate in Karnataka
Within the limits of the BBMP or other city corporation, certificates can be



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