How to make Vibhuti and why Hindus wear vibhuti


Preparation of Vibhuti How and why Vibhuti is done by Hindus

How to make Vibuthi and why Hindus wear vibuthi

In Hinduism and Some Countries of Asia where Lord Shiva devotees are more they use this

Vibuthu Basma, Vibhuti (vibhūti, Bhasma (ash), Vibhooti) is the sacred ash which is made

of burnt dried wood and other ingredients in Āgamic rituals it is made in Some parts of

India where it has came for Ancient histort , Vibhuti is used bu Lord Shiva Devotees to

please the God, Normally who traditionally has three stripes on his foreheads Hindu

devotees apply vibhuti traditionally daily and when they visit the temple also as three

horizontal lines across the forehead and other parts of the body to honor Lord Shiva.

particles of ash cling to the skin when tripundra is applied are to be considered as

individual Lingams According to the MahaShiva Purana the Mostly All Shiva Devotees know

about this more.

works done without wearing Bhasma are infructuous scriptures further state that basma

purifies the soul elevates the devotee of Lord Shiva . There are many methods for the

application of the ashes Basma or Vibuthi according to the Shiva Purana and lot of many

various mantras to be recited during applying Vibuthi



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