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Are You Married If you Are married Only Continue

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This incident took place in Subhash Nagar, Alwal where a wife was caught red-handed while her husband was in a bedroom with her lover semi-naked.

Gopal had an illicit affair with another woman in the same area. Gopal neglected his wife and children for her sake. Gopal had suspicions that his wife was having an affair with someone else.

The family told Angel that they saw Gopal go to the woman’s house one day. The wife became angry and planned to hold the two as a red hand. Gopal went to his lover’s house on Saturday and was in the bedroom with her.

She dragged her husband out of the house on the road and beat him in the slippers. Relatives also attacked Gopal and Lover. All of this footage was recorded on location and uploaded on social media.

The incident took place on Saturday, when the wife and relatives of the accused husband Gopal gave a vow. The accused Gopal married Esther Angel seven years ago. The couple has two children. Recently, however, her husband Gopal was away from his wife. Watch Video Below Share this to Married person Couples Only



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