Iraq attacks on US military camp Here are the top 10 most dangerous countries in World War 3


Here are the top 10 most dangerous countries in World War 3

Where are the most dangerous countries in the world, as World War 3 fears increase

Iraq attacks on US military camp Here are the top 10 most dangerous countries in World War 3
Where are the most dangerous countries in the world as World War 3 fears increase?

A Ukrainian passenger plane crashes near Iran’s Tehran airport – killing all 176 people on board – before a jet crashed into the ground, which sparked fears that a fire had struck it.

Three Brits were killed as a Kiev-bound Ukraine International Airlines jet landed just hours after Iran fired more than a dozen missiles over two US military bases in Iraq.

The Iranian media quoted the aviation chief as saying that the Boeing 737 was down after “technical problems” and no emergency was announced.

Iran’s Road and Transport Authority spokesman, Kassem Binaiz, said one of its engines caused the fire, causing the pilot to lose control.

But the plane was new in 2016 and was last tested just two days ago, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said.

And the jet engine maker CFM claims the crash was caused by engine failure, saying it was too early to comment on the factors behind the disaster.

The Embassy of Tehran in Ukraine initially blamed the engine failure but later removed the statement, saying it could not officially respond to the investigation.

It abruptly removed a line from its statement, except for a terrorist attack or missile attack.

Horror footage posted online shows the plane plunged into flames as it descended.

The single-aisle, twin-engine jetliner had 167 passengers and nine crew members.

Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Vadim Pristiko confirmed that there are 63 Canadians, 10 Swedes, three Germans and three Brits.

He said there were 82 Iranians, 11 Ukrainians and four Afghans aboard the ship.

Fears of down shot
The crash occurred just hours after Iran fired at least 15 missiles at two US bases containing American and British troops in Erbil and Al Asad.

And there are fears that the plane may have been struck by a nervous Iranian defense after the attack.

The strikes were codenamed Operation Martyr Solaimani in retaliation for the assassination of Iranian General Qasem Solaimani in a US airstrike last week.

The plane crash occurred shortly after Iranian President Hassan Rouhani hinted that another Lockerbie bomb was threatening to explode.

This is similar to the 2014 Malaysia Airlines flight over Ukraine by Russian-backed separatists after it was mistakenly known as an incoming missile.

The US Navy killed 290 people in a similar incident in 1988 after it mistakenly shot down an Iranian passenger jet.

Numerous airlines have now shut down flights on Iranian and Iraqi airspace.

10) Israel
If the World War started, Israel would probably lose more. Israel relies on imports for its food and fuel, and, in fact, water is a fiercely contested resource, and Israelis often have to negotiate with their neighbors to obtain reliable sources of this need. Even in the best of times, Israel is on the brink of destruction, so if WWII ever to start, the United States, their prime ally, will have much bigger problems to deal with than trying to protect the strategic. Land in the Middle East. Israel also relies heavily on foreign aid, which immediately stops when its allies invade. The thin strip of desert land makes it impossible to stand the harsh political reality surrounding the nations that reject them. This includes Egypt, which has waged war with Israel 5 times; Jordan, he has been at war 3 times; Syria, 5 times; Lebanon, 3 times and Palestine, 8 times. Among others, these factors make Israel one of the worst places to visit during the Third World War.

9) Russia
During the Cold War, when WWII broke out, it was widely known that the Soviet Union was one of the fighters. This reality has not changed much with the creation of modern Russian. Russia is currently embroiled in two proxy wars against the United States in Ukraine and Syria, and both of these conflicts could bring Russia into a hot war against the US and NATO. Russia’s involvement in the geopolitical chess game with the US is just the tip of the iceberg. Russia is a uniquely unsafe place if the WWII flares up due to a Russian propulsion system known as the dead man switch, an automatic launch mechanism that is connected to every missile in the Russian nuclear arsenal. It constantly monitors Russian territory, if a nuclear strike is detected inside Russia by its earthquake and radioactive sensors, the system will automatically launch each ICBM in retaliation against their enemies. The system is designed to operate when all leadership in a nuclear attack is wiped out, but even if Russian leaders survive a nuclear strike, the automatic launch order from a dead man switch cannot be reversed. This means that the Russian population is basically doomed to the ravages of nuclear war.

8) United Kingdom
Thanks to the United Kingdom’s alliance with the US and NATO, it cannot be argued that the UK will be involved in WWII. The trouble is that the UK is very weak. The British Isles currently has a population that is naturally large enough to support, and the UK is also a net importer of food, meaning UK residents will face an instant hunger if they ever get cut off from their food shipments. Currently, the Scottish National Party is planning to end the UK’s Nuclear Trident program due to its high cost. These efforts to disarm the UK’s nuclear inventory may be smart in times of peace but could open the gate for a nuclear first strike in the UK.

7) China
China is tied to global shipping routes, which make its coastal trade one of the main targets of amphibious attacks, airstrikes, and nuclear attacks. Their military relies on a massive national draft, which could theoretically grow an army of seven million soldiers. Fueling this enormous army comes at an enormous cost to the average Chinese citizen. Without the pressure of global conflict, China is still in danger of going unstable. Excessive pollution is a problem that China is pushing to eliminate its entire drinking water supply by 2030, a problem that requires massive intervention by the government. If the Chinese government is weakened or destroyed by the global conflict, their problems with pollution will not be addressed and their water supply will dry up. If China is pulled into WWII, Chinese territories will be free of the second chance they have, and this process will bring great grief to China.

6) United States
The US is the biggest candidate for a surprise nuclear strike. Enemies of the US may attempt a nuclear pre-emptive strike to protect their countries from nuclear destruction. These attacks make the US uninhabitable. Even people in the Midwest, who generally think they are safe… are not safe at all. This is because several missile silos in the area were the primary targets in a nuclear first strike. These silos will be targeted in hopes of destroying the United States nuclear arsenal before it is launched. After the nuclear war or conventional war, the US is likely to break up into smaller territories, and diverse ethnic and cultural groups are fighting for ascendancy over the ashes. More than 20 million people live in an area with no food or water source locally in Southern California alone. Being close to the South of Mexico’s violent drug cartels in Southern California doesn’t even help. If law and order had been broken during the global conflict, these cartels could have devastated the United States.

5) Germany
Like the US, Germany is committed to its NATO collective defense agreements, which means that even if NATO members are as small as Lithuania should be attacked, Germany must go to war in defense of that country. Germany’s involvement with NATO essentially guarantees that the country will be at the forefront of potential enemy proximity and that it will be a very unsafe place during the global conflict. During the Cold War, Soviet and Western war plans put Germany at the forefront of any future war. This reality has not changed in the 21st century. The war between the Western powers, Russia and its own allies is determined by their involvement in German ground.

4) South Korea The United States is likely to withdraw or reduce its troops on the Korean peninsula at the start of the Third World War, which would allow North Korea to launch an offensive in South Korea while the US is distracted. If not the United States, the South Korean army would be more numerous than the North. Any war between the North and the South will result in a massive humanitarian crisis, something that South Korea admits is nowhere near ready. In reality, it does not matter whether the North or South will attack first because the small peninsula is guaranteed to be devastated during any conflict, no matter who wins.

3) Liberia In 2010, Liberia was considered a highly dependent country on foreign aid in the entire world. Without this help, Liberia simply cannot survive. To raise the issue, the US is Liberia’s largest economic backer, providing $ 450 million dollars each year. In the case of WWII, the US will have bigger problems to solve than Liberia’s economic lifeline, which will starve Liberians.

2) Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia’s huge oil reserves are the country’s biggest contributor, but its biggest curse. If war breaks out, it is guaranteed that, as fuel is scarce, a great power will try to invade the country to take control of huge oil reserves. Saudi Arabia has a relatively small military that relies on alliances to keep it safe. This decision, unfortunately, leaves the state in a vulnerable position. The Saudi government is not the most stable in the world, which means it can collapse during any devastating conflict. Problems go deeper than WWII’s precursor, as the country relies on imports of food, water, consumer products, and industrial goods, meaning these critical resources are in short supply, leading to unrest, starvation, and death.

1) The Solomon Islands Behind Liberia, the Solomon Islands is a country that relies heavily on foreign aid. World conflict threatens the foreign-assisted life of the islands and its population suffers greatly. In addition to this economic weakness, the islands are also in the most unfortunate place. During World War II, the Solomon Islands was the airspace’s strategic location to threaten the populated areas of Australia and New Zealand. During another World War, the islands could again be used as an airbase to threaten Australia, putting it at the forefront of any future world conflict.


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