Is fancy number plate is allowed for vehicles in Karnataka yes or no see details


Is Fancy number plate is allowed for vehicles in Karnataka

In spite of the mentioned norms many non-government vehicles, private vehicles, taxis and other vehicles are seen displaying tags on their number plates like ‘Bharat Sarkar’, ‘Karnataka Sarkar ‘, or ‘Government of Karnataka’ Plus other similar tags. This is illegal and owners of such vehicles are liable to face action under the MV Act.

According to the MV Act, any Government official or Government employees are strictly not allowed to display their designations on non-government vehicles Across India.

The Bangalore Mangalore Mysore Hubli Belgaum Davengere Rest Karnataka city police will conduct a special drive check all the vehicles with faulty number plates.

Commissioner of Police, having vehicles without number plates   The drive will be launched in all Police Commissionerate jurisdiction.    vehicles with defective
Fancy number plates is an offense and will be assumed to be used for illegal activities.
The Police will seize all vehicles,
Commissioner has appealed to the public to display the number plates on their vehicles clearly.
so soon Vehicle Owners be ready to keep number plate incorrect manner keep insurance DL etc correctly

only English vehicle registrations from 0-9 should be used across India. In cases where one is insistent on a vehicle registration plate in the local or Reginal language, the English equivalent must also be displayed as this helps with easy identification for Police RTO, etc

The Motor Vehicle Act 1988 and Central Motor Vehicle Act 1989 nothing except the registration number of the vehicle should be displayed on the number plates of the vehicles Fancy number plates is an offense and those violating this rule are liable to face punishment.


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