Kanhaiya Kumar program was protested Youth Federation activist


Doctoral dissertation at Gulbarga University Kanhaiyakumar has canceled the program

Doctoral dissertation at Gulbarga University A protest march was held by Republican Youth Federation activists on the back of Kanhaiyakumar’s program.

On October 15th at the University of Kalaburagi. Dr. BR Ambedkar has come to the

forefront of researching the role of youth in the construction of modern India. I was

condemned to cancel Kanhaiyukumar’s program. Dr. Kanhaiyakumara had come to speak

to the students who had not come to the communal pole. His program was canceled.

Many protests took place in this protest, including Mallundasanti, Happy Maalmani,

Mallindasanundi and many others.

Watch Video for More Details


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