Karnataka Bandh called on Feb 13 Thursday strike | see for what reason Strike and Bandh 


Dr. Sarojini Mahshi of Karnataka Organization, Karnataka Energy Force has fully supported the implementation of Dr. Sarojini Mahshi
The report, Karnataka Bandh called on Feb 13 Thursday 2020
Karnataka Bandh called on Feb 13 Thursday 2020 .strike and Karnataka Bandh to implement Implementing the Sarojini Mahishi

Dr. Sarojini Mahshi Report – Dr. Sarojini Mahshi Report is aimed at providing employment to Kannadigas in all government and private companies in Karnataka.


Of course, this ground child needs to find employment in Karnataka. In this regard, the Karnataka Govt. Dr. Sarojini Mahshi Committee, created in 1983, submitted a report to the government in 1986, with a number of recommendations, giving priority to Kannadigas in all levels of private and public sector work in Karnataka. The painful fact is that the report was 26 years old but was not fully implemented. It is in this backdrop that the Chief Ministers of Karnataka urge the Sarojini Mahishi Report to be implemented.

claims are:
A committee of experts should be constituted to revise the report of Sarojini Mahshi to suit the present.
The State Government shall approve the revised Sarojini Mahashi Report as per the recommendation of the new Committee and provide legal recognition.
The new report should strictly enforce the law to ensure that all jobs in Karnataka are available to Kannidigas lions Share.


Implementing the Sarojini Mahishi Report, Kannadigas in Karnataka should be given priority in employment.



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