Karnataka is the best example for navarathri festival across india


Day at Navratri festival at Muthuram Mahalakshmi Temple, Jamakhandi, Taluk, Bagalkot

At the Navratri festival, the Muttura Mahalakshmi Temple in the Jamakhandi district of

Bagalkot district is celebrated with a five-day unveiling ceremony. Various programs are

held every day till night.

One of the most important festivals of the Hindus is the celebration of Ayuda Puja and

Vijayasamyam festival. Navratri is the sacred day of worship. Tradition to celebrate this

festival with a tradition of folklore. It is known as the day when the Goddess killed the evil

demon Mahisasura in the incarnation of the goddess, and the day of Ravana Sola, the

demon king from the conquest of Vijayan, and the Pandavas, who were twelve years of

vanavas and one year unknown, were the first to appear freely after thirteen years.

In his nine incarnations, Durga fought against Mahishasura, conquered and returned to her

Siva. This sacred hub of the tradition of receiving blessings from the elders and blessings of

the well wishers The subadinadandu everyone subasayagalannu plea, the mother Goddess

Durga asirvada yallaramelirali, anywhere in the country the next day in happiness, peace,

and that nelesali haraisuttene ravilaksana samraddi. Guru.Devasthan Priests in Bagalkot

district.Jamakhandi. Sri Mahalakshmi Devi’s Navratri Festival in Mutturam Village, Taluka, is

celebrated with great vigor. Kudrisi Main Street in Pallakki Observed through kumba

mutaideyarinda, waving, band melagala all come with a tree behind the shrine to worship

urina, the villagers mid-urina deviyabaktaru bannimudidu punitaraguttare

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