Karnataka Lingayat Education (KLE) Established 1916 100 years Completed


People have great respect for KLE.  KLE is one of the largest organization in the state. The contribution of the institute to the field of education in Northern Karnataka is immense. Back then, not everyone had the power to go out and study. A school-college and hostel Going to distant cities has helped those who lack the power to read. A charity for some education lovers.

Karnataka Lingayat Education (KLE) Established 1916 100 years Completed 29th Founding Day of the Society KLS
History of Karnataka Lingayat Education (KLE) Society
Establishment of the Institute (13 of 1916)
In the late 19th century, it was inevitable that students of Mumbai-Karnataka would have to travel to Pune and Mumbai for further study.
These seven graduated in 1916 under the chairmanship of Rao Bahadur Arata Rudra Gowda in Belgaum. On 13th, Karnataka Lingayata Education (KLE) Society launched. Gilaganchi Aratta High School was started and taught in a rented building in the fort premises. Thus, those seven people in the organization are known as the number of suppliers in the organization. Rao Bahadur, Sardar V.G. Leader, Bahadur Desai, Rao Bahadur, P.A. Anigola, Aratala Rudragauda, Lingaraja Saradasai, Sardar Raja Lakhamagowda Saradasai, B.V. He worked to develop a land-based organization. Prabhakar Corey, the current president, has taken the organization to another level. While they were all in Pune, the plan to set up KLE was ready. The foundation on which he laid the foundation has grown to become a strong educational institution with the succession of Presidents and Presidents. Ferguson and Deccan College, Pune, are well known for their professors. Panditappa Chikkodi and MR. Sakhare, at Ferguson College, H.F. Kattimani, Sh. BASAVANALA, B.S. Hakina and B.B. Mamadapur Deccan College, Veeranagowda Patil was studying in Government Agricultural College.


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