Kiran Srinivas replied to Kirk kirthi fame when asked who is Kanhaiya


Kiran Srinivas replied to Kirks fame when asked who is Kanhaiya Sandalwood actor who

answered Kirk Keerthi when asked who is Kanhaiya

What is the controversy between Kirik Keerthi and others here is there full two videos

Here’s the answer … Just so l time to answer l

Kirik Keerthi Vs Kiran Srinivas

Who is KIRAN SRINIVAS: ABOUT Kiran Srinivas had played a Lead roll in the Movie Haage Summane which was released on the year 2008 Kannada and the film was directed by  Mungaru Male writer Preetham Gubbi, Preetham Gubbi.

Kiran Srinivas was the hero of the Movie  and Suhasi was Acted as Heroin . is a good effort and is evident that the entire team Music was composed by Mano Murthy

Who is KIRIK KEERTHI: ABOUT Keerthi Kumar has worked as a programmer

producer in many shows and a reporter in Kannada news channels, as an RJ also and he is a social media activist

He is a Kannadiga,He expects people who stay in Karnataka to respect our Kannada and

Kannadigas, and not to make lose talks on people and language. He raises a voice Voice

Voice against who speaks negative about Kannada tradition culture and Kannadigas. He

never forces people to speak in or learn Kannada. His only request to people that try to

learn Kannada when you are in Karnataka. He is a runner up in Kannada Big boss show, TV

anchor, artist, director, actor, social server, hero…. In total, he is an all-rounder. Finally a

very down to earth person.

Why our people are Like This kirk Kirthi Says that.? When I woke up, there was nothing like this until the people  In 2016, I made a video about Kanhaiya Kumar. I made a video of my opinion on the incident at JNU University in the past. It’s been 3 years. Millions of them are  And now the video of the three years ago made it viral again Kirik Kirthi Says . .. My obvious answer to the speech without knowing the truth … please see … more people Deliver to.more people

Please Watch Both two Video and Comment your opinion About first Video what   Kiran Srinivas  tells and Next Video what Kirik Kirti what he tells about Kirans Video


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