Ladies Hostel what happened to boy when coming back from Ladies hostel


Nowadays Boys exactly look Like girl

Can you Guess Boy or Girl, yes I am Girl women or men if you can tell

these Guys Rome around no one can understand

that he is male some even go to Ladies

and speak with them and cheat themA person

Boy was caught red-handed when he went to

ladies hostel while coming back warden got

some doubt when he came for nest time warden

and others were waiting finally they succeeded

in catching him they told to remove all his

dresses one by one eye Glasses his hair Wig

was exactly like female this kind lot of

incident has happened in Bangalore Mysore and Mangalore earlier

watch video for more details Share this link  to all

inside Ladies Hostel

boy used to go and come when coming back what happened watch video and come back

when coming back what happened to boy watch video


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