List of Swiss bank account holders of India a total of million bank account holders


List of Swiss bank account holders of India a total of 3.1 million bank account holders across globe

NEW DELHI: Bengaluru The list of accounts of Indians in a Swiss bank has reached India, a

media report has said. 75 countries around the world, including India and More Than any

other country in the world , have appealed to the government to provide them with Swiss

bank accounts. In this context, the Swiss bank account information is provided by the

Automatic Information Interchange  system. Accordingly, not only India, but also the Swiss

Federal Tax Administration  has provided a total of 3.1 million bank account holders from

75 countries to Swiss countries. financial details of the account, name, address, state of

the account, and financial status of the account, the amount of money in the account, and

income. The report, which is currently active in the bank and canceled in 2018

FTA spokesperson said the first list is currently available and the next list will be

issuedwithin September 2020. The move is a major step forward for the central

government to  return black money. The Swiss Foreign Ministry said the decision was taken

by the Swiss government to maintain international financial transparency and to avoid

cross-border taxation.

The Swiss bank account holders have access to information on the deal between the

Government of India and Switzerland, which is the largest Swiss bank account holder in

India. The current list of Swiss bank holders also includes tax-exempt individuals who have

gone to business and the government needs to analyze the data and take further action.

But many allegations have been made against the Modi government. Opponents used this

aspect of the election during the 2018 election. There have also been allegations that the

Modi government has not taken any action against black money.

The current list contains information about the financial institution’s name, identity card,

has been analyzed as a new milestone in the detection of black money abroad by tax fraud

in India.


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