Message from Moulvi to his supporters  Do not be hospitalized if you are infected with coronavirus (video)


Message from Moulvi to his supporters  Do not be hospitalized if you are infected with  corona(video)

Most of the participants in the program have traveled around the country. The whole country is startled and the Central Government and the respective State Governments are engaged in quarantine as soon as possible. Moulvi’s audio tape, which is now headed by this religious program, is a viral that has worried the people of the country.

Thousands of people participating in Delhi’s Nizamuddin Mosque show, which has become a coronavirus hot spot, now face the corona of India. While 10 people who participated in the program have already died of coronavirus, more than 40 are infected. Over 400 people have seen signs of infection in the alley.

In the audio tape, Maulvi Saad has sent a message to thousands of people attending the Delhi Islamic religious program that you should not be hospitalized for any reason, get out of the mosque, seek medical advice. Corona is in trouble, but if you die, there is no better place than a mosque.

About 45 people from Karnataka participated in the event. The person who died in Shira was also present at the event. Thus, the possibility of spreading the infection to all those who participated in prayer should not be ruled out. Now the program is being tracked and quarantine is being done. But Maulana’s torn-up audio tape has now led to the detection of those attending the event.


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Posted by India TV on Tuesday, 31 March 2020




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