Mudigere Adarsh Happy birthday wishes “Nammudguru” is a life force that can stand up to difficulty


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Adarsh Taruve  Adarsh Taruve from Kottegahara Mudigere Chikmagalur is a life force that can stand up to any difficulty and say that I am or our team called “Nammudguru” .
Being the son of a peasant, engaging in various business, politically identifying himself with the National Party, and having the support of several state and national leaders, he has always had the leadership qualities that some leaders do not.

He was with them until the last few years, when he was tucked away in a bus stand at the crib, using the Duster car now used by the upperclassmen and socializing with society’s top people.

He is a founding member of the “Nammudguru” Group and has contributed immensely to the Group’s statewide recognition over the past five years.

Good luck to him and the “Nammudguru” team on this day, and hope to continue to strengthen them financially and socially in the future.
Wish You a Happy Birthday All the Best for “Nammudguru” Team plus Adarsh Taruve All the Best from sachi tv



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