Narendra Modi one day Food Expense if you hear you will be Stunned Shocked Startled to know this


If you hear Narendra Modi  the Prime Minister of India for the cost of a day’s meal, you will be startled

Friends, Mr. Narendra Modi is currently the Prime Minister of India. When Narendra Modi

asked the Prime Minister of India for the cost of a day’s meal, formerly known as Bharat or


he has taken many big steps for the progress of the country and for this reason the country

is fast progressing.

But the question of how much Modi Ji spends on Food is on the minds of many. Then come

and tell us in this article. Some time ago, people told me that Narendra Modi spends his

food from the government.

Facts are that Modi Ji Spend average   just Indian Rupees 300  to a maximum of  Indian

Rupees 500 in a whole day for all 3 meals

is a report, information is by Amar Ujala, gave this

he is a pure Vegeterarain person in details he uses only Vegeteranina food he likes Mango

and Mango pickles

Simply person with Lot of ambition to take India forward to one of the leading countries of

the world

Friends PM of India Narendra Modi, Pride for our country, let’s say who is in India.

Top Position. Narendra Modi of India each and every person knows Modi even a three-

a year-old toddler knows who Modi is. Narendra Modi is Great India’s Prime Minister

Narendra Modi has the reputation of the world’s premier Prime Minister. Narendra Modi

Prime Minister of India is now the most talented and powerful person in the world. There

has been a lot of growth in the administration of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.


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