New Medicine For Coronavirus The medicine works within in 48 hours !  Vanishes in the body


Coronavirus  The medicine works within in 48 hours!  Vanishes in the body in no time got a new drug Happy Good News
Coronavirus has finally found a cure for the world’s deadliest disease 48 hours required

once Medicine Given within 48 hours you can see the result. 48 hours of treatment has

seen a significant recovery in a woman’s health. It is reported that the 71-year-old has lost

the infection of the body Vanishings has not caught the new drug Shaadi Happy Good News

at any time. The Ministry of Health has confirmed that doctors have discovered a drug cure

for coronavirus in Thailand. Speaking at a news conference, Speaking by Crying Sock

Attriporn Wannich. Hello .. 104. World’s deadliest disease disappears in the body at any

time However, after two days of treatment with the doctor, there has been a significant

recovery in the health of the elderly. Coronavirus was treated by a Thai doctor for 48 hours

in an intensive care unit for the virus-infected elderly. Whiskey, brandy, rum, gin, etc.,

were given as an anti-inflammatory drug, mixed with various kinds of alcohol. After this

treatment for the world’s deadliest disease, there is a recovery in the health of old age,

which is a natural condition for bed. Physician Crying Sock Atriporn Wannich said there

were no coronavirus factors in old age when tested. 19 Coronavirus Virus Appears in

Thailand 19 Coronavirus in Thailand is clear and treatable. Doctors have come forward to

treat remaining infections in a model that is the world’s deadliest disease. The Ministry of

Health is looking forward to investigating the drug condition for coronavirus


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