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24/7 Nursing Geriatric Health Care Assisted Living Rehabilitation 1989

24/7 Nursing Geriatric Health Care Assisted Living Rehabilitation Nisarga Care Since 1989

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How to cope now
The onset of Parkinson’s disease means emotional fluctuations in the patient and their surroundings. Learning about the disease, what to expect from the good, and what treatment options are available, is helpful.

The Best Cure for Parkinson’s Disease?
Parkinson’s disease is a good care home, a neurological disease caused by the destruction of nerve cells in one part of the brain. It usually affects movement but can also affect cognition at later stages. People with PD need help as the illness progresses and the role of caregivers is important.
Responsibility of caregivers at different stages of Parkinson’s disease
Symptoms at an early stage
• Tremors, stiffness, dirt
• Curved posture
• Speech abnormalities
• Strange facial expressions
• Slight functional impairment

The best symptoms in the middle stage of PD
• Stomach problems
• Sleep problems
Balance loss / slow movements

How to cope
As the disease progresses, the role of caregivers increases as patient freedom diminishes. At the moment, they are still working to some extent, but the movements are slow, and regular activities like good dressing and eating can be messy and time consuming.

Patience is the most important trait that caregivers need. The patient is losing control and allowing them to do as much as they can, which means a lot of cleaning or waiting.

Communication with the patient is a problem and they become frustrated when they do not understand it. Good speech therapy and vocal exercises can help to some extent.

Good features of the last stages of PD
• Disability
• Hallucinations / delusions
• Freezing
Severe disability

How to cope
Patients need late clock care. Many are in bed or unable to move without help. They have the responsibility of feeding, bathing and caring for caregivers.

Caregivers should anticipate the situation and arrange for it by family or friends or by arranging for a nurse or helper. It is important that good caregivers take time for themselves.

Small changes to make life easier for PD patients
• Get an electric toothbrush
• Add handbags to the bedroom and bath walls
• Move furniture to create space for them to move
Remove the carpets
• Cups and mugs with large handles
Get them shoes with Velcro straps

Duties of caregivers
Assist the patient in daily activities
• Be patient and caring
• Give mental comfort
Make sure the patient has medication on time
Keep all doctor appointments and follow doctor’s orders
Work with physiotherapists to help the patient

Help caregivers
PD is a difficult disease to care for. Caregivers need help and support, which in return is good, to give it to the patient. It can sometimes cause frustration and stress, and people need help.

If you are a caregiver, it is important to build a support system for yourself at an early stage to ensure that you can handle the challenges mentally and physically in the later stages.


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